Our schools

Our schools

Network of 52 campuses in France & Switzerland.

Leading name in private professional education

Eureka education

EUREKA EDUCATION is a leading name in private professional education in France and Switzerland via a network of 52 campuses welcoming over 7,000 students each year on BAC (European Level "4") and BAC+5 (European Level "7") training programmes.

EUREKA EDUCATION operates via 4 main brands, leaders in their education sector in France and Switzerland.

Carte du monde
Carte du monde

4 main brands

Leaders in their education sector
  • Euridis Business School

    GROUPE EURIDIS operates a network of 6 schools specialising in training in business engineering for the high tech industries in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Aix-en-Provence and Nantes. This institution trains around 1,000 students each year on work-based training and initial training programmes at level BAC+3 (European Level "6") and BAC+5 (European Level "7") with exceptionally high levels of employability and pay on graduating from its courses.

  • Silvya Terrade

    GROUPE SILVYA TERRADE operates a network of 47 establishments specialising in training in the aesthetics-cosmetics-perfumery industries, specialist cosmetic network sales and hairdressing, with unique regional coverage of France allowing it to meet the national and recruitment training needs of all major retail networks and cosmetics brands. The Silvya Terrade schools educate more than 6,000 students each year in France and Switzerland on BAC (European Level "4") and BAC+5 (European Level "7") training programmes, with full employability.

  • Diet Formation

    DIET FORMATION is a private school specialising in human dietetics in La Rochelle. This human-sized establishment welcomes around 100 students each year on its BTS Dietetics and Human Nutrition Specialisation courses.

  • Louison

    LOUISON is a private professional school dedicated to early years educational support courses operating via a network of 3 campuses in Nantes, La Rochelle and Niort. With over 800,000 births per year, the need for qualified staff is increasing continually at early years facilities, and this human-sized establishment welcomes around 100 students each year on its CAP Early Years Educational Support course.

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