Leading name in private professional education

Leading name in private professional education

Network of 130 campuses in France & Switzerland

Eureka education

Group's presentation

EUREKA EDUCATION is a leading name in private professional education in France and Switzerland through a network of 130 campuses welcoming over 35 000 students each year on BAC (European Level "4") and BAC+5 (European Level "7") training programs.

As EUREKA EDUCATION is an institution dedicated entirely to professional education, the courses offered by our schools are deeply intertwined with the job market and therefore prepare our students to work for the most in demand field of activities.

Recognised by the French government

Diplomas and certificates

All courses offered by the EUREKA EDUCATION schools result in the awarding of a diploma or certificate and are recognised by the French government. Depending on the case and their personal choices, students can conduct their studies as initial training or as work-based training with an apprenticeship contract or professional training contract.

The values shared by our establishments form the basis of their educational mission and guide the actions of the teaching body and the supervisory body on a day-to-day basis.  These values have been central to the EUREKA EDUCATION group's identity and roadmap for 10 years and they represent our firm commitment to our students, their families and the partner companies that employ them.

The values of EUREKA EDUCATION schools

Guide for the action of the teaching and supervising
  • Excellence training Training programmes focused on academic excellence and employment, fully recognised by the French government and companies.

  • Modern facilities Modern facilities, for optimized learning and rich student life.

  • Educational support Significantly superior educational support and a welcoming everyday environment.

  • 100% employability 100% employability for all of our graduates as soon as they finish school.

Our schools

130 campuses in France & Switzerland